Wednesday, February 24, 2010


 I am busy making dolls but mostly sewing and altering pageant gowns this week. Hopefully Friday I will get to start painting my next doll Carla. She is my big doll. 24inches. I like to make large dolls. They do take up more space but they have a presence that the medium sized one don't create. The smaller dolls are fun to make also. Here is a photo of one of my smaller doll Sweetness. She need some clothing.. . .but I am working on that : -)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Izannah Walker doll

Cassie is one of the finished heads that I have completed in Dixie Redmonds' Izannah Walker Workshop.The classic IW dolls have painted hair.  Izannah Walker made a black doll. Unlike many of her other dolls it had wool hair. So I felted wool to make the wig and twisted it like braids. I love the Izannah Walker Dollmaking workshop.  I am currently making two other dolls but these heads are not painted. Keep coming back for more updates. I will be adding more of photos of the dolls.