Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Best Carved Hitty Doll

 I own a Tailor shop. One day this cowboy came into my shop wanting a jacket repaired. We got to talking about art and he told me he owned a tree farm. He said he had alot of scrap wood he hated to burn up. So I showed him my carved dolls. He told me he would bring me a few pieces of the cherry. Once day I walked into the shop and my employee said a man had drop off this big chunk of wood. I had to laugh! I had no idea it would be so large! Believe it or not the guy stopped back by to see if I liked the wood. I told him I couldn't get that big chunk of wood under my band saw. So he took it back and cut in down into pieces I could manage. This is the result: my lovely Hitty Cally. She is made from cherry wood. She has a real sassy flair! Please notice that her head turns! Enjoy Hitty Cally!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Farewell Mom

My mother passed away Sept 26, 2013. She was the last child of 21 children. Mom lost her battle with Dementia. She was a very strong lady. It is very bittersweet in a sense. I am relieved she is not suffering. She is at peace now. Mom was so confused for many years that she really was not herself. I had been grieving for 3 years because I was not able to share dollmaking or sewing with my mother.  I knew in my heart she would never be the same or act the way she use to act. I had a very creative mother. Mom was very sweet ...with a  fun loving personality that always lite up a room. Mom loved to sew. She taught me how to sew when I was 12.  Sewing has blessed my life for 46 years. She lived for 94 years so what a precious gift that I was given my God.  Rest in peace my dear mother....I love you!
Mom at 92

My mother Mildred this photo mom was 89

Mom 86 and I am 50

I am 18..... Mom is 54

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Camera and New Doll

I FINALLY decided to buy a new camera.  Canon EOS Rebel T3i my first professional grade camera. I am glad I waited to buy it now that photography is digital. I was going to buy one about 15 years ago when photography was still mostly film. This is one of the recent Hitty inspired dolls I carved from butternut. I named her Danita.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Carving Hitty

I FINALLY read the book Hitty, Her First One Hundred Years. I am so in love with story of little Hitty. What a fascinating story about a cute little wooden doll. I tried to carve a Hitty doll  about a year ago and kept cutting off her nose. it was very hard to carve such a small face.  I thought it would be easy to carve small but not for me. It seemed like my tools were too large. Maybe it was my technique....
at any rate I purchased a set of Dockyard tools for the The smaller tools made a difference. They are easier to get into small areas of the face. These are the Hitty's inspired dollies I have been carving and painting. They are made from basswood and butternut wood. They range in size from 6 1/4 to 7 inches. I love carving in wood. I use main softwoods and so easy to carve. But I also have dolls in walnut, mahogany and maple I am working on also. Each of the dolls have such distinct personalities. It is so fun to watch them come to life. I joined a woodcarvers group called the Fruit belt Woodcarvers. I am learning so much about carving tools. Working with SHARP knives really make a big difference. I have also been working on making a handle for my knifes also. Enjoy the dolls....more to come.
The girls are named left to right: 
Chae,Mercedes, Izzy,
 Zana, and Fiona

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ruby-OOAK carved wooden tuck comb

Meet Ruby....For Sale on my shop

Ruby is a  OOAK carved basswood tuck comb style wooden doll. Her head and body are turned as one piece on a lathe then carved by me. She is fully jointed but she comes with a stand. She has pieced ears and wears ruby earrings from silver wires. She is antiqued to give her a patina. She stands 12 tall and wears a fushia silk print dress under it is a fushia quilted slip and pantaloons. The hair is painted with curled bangs and golden comb. She has elongated, graceful proportions, nicely carved details, and red painted slippers. Her clothing is completely removeable. She come signed and dated.

WIP Large 24 inch Wooden Queen Anne inspired Doll

I started carving a large 24 inch wooden doll. I originally was going to use this wood body for a sculpted paper clay head.  I couldn't bring myself to put a clay head on this wooden body. Especially after I carved the legs. I like carving large dolls. At least I am off to a great start. It takes a bit of trial and error to come up with a good pattern.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


I found these photos of Claudia shortly after I took her off the lathe. Claudia on the left. Other  carving attempts on the
Claudia was definately a labor of love. But I learned so much in the process.  View my previous post to see the finished Claudia. She is by far the best wooden doll I have completed so far. The best is yet to come as I have only been carved a little over a year. Thanks for stopping by and comments are always welcome.

Profile of her torso...after I have started carving out her body. 
After I completed her jointed legs trying to figure out a arm attachment

After I inserted her eye using that paperclay for a filler

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Claudia in her gown

Claudia In Her Gown

 For Sale in my Etsy Shop
Happy New Year everyone!
I am so happy to share with you Claudia Trustworthy.
She looks so elegant in her 18th century inspired gown.
She was a labor of love but she turned out fabulous! I am so blessed
 to be able to share her beauty with the world in 2013!
She is solid basswood  fully jointed 18 inch Queen Anne inspired OOAK doll.