Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Best Carved Hitty Doll

 I own a Tailor shop. One day this cowboy came into my shop wanting a jacket repaired. We got to talking about art and he told me he owned a tree farm. He said he had alot of scrap wood he hated to burn up. So I showed him my carved dolls. He told me he would bring me a few pieces of the cherry. Once day I walked into the shop and my employee said a man had drop off this big chunk of wood. I had to laugh! I had no idea it would be so large! Believe it or not the guy stopped back by to see if I liked the wood. I told him I couldn't get that big chunk of wood under my band saw. So he took it back and cut in down into pieces I could manage. This is the result: my lovely Hitty Cally. She is made from cherry wood. She has a real sassy flair! Please notice that her head turns! Enjoy Hitty Cally!