Sunday, March 8, 2015

My birthday dinner!

Walter took me to the Woodfire for a lovely meal! I got a big card and a dozen pink roses! You did great dear husband! 60 looks good on me ! Thank you God!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

I made 60!!!! 21 was a major goal but 60 was never on my radar! Oh well I am happy to be alive. God has blessed me with a wonderful creative life. Thank you God for loving me and for being there for me forever and ever. I got this 60 tiara from Phoebe...bless her heart she sent me such a sweet surprise gift for my birthday. 
Why does a selfie make one look like a dork?! But a good 60 yr old dork...LOL! 

My dollie looks good in the tiara! 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Annie goes to UK

My first international sale on Etsy! Anne one of my little 6 inch wooden dolls was purchased by a lady in the United Kingdom! Annie now lives in the UK and is now a English lass! Go on Annie! Here is Annie with some ofher new friends! I knew this little doll would be a world traveler. She was spunky from creation.