Thursday, March 24, 2011

Carla is FINALLY completed

I worked on Carla for over a year. I wasn't working on her a year but she sat in my studio. . . . while I altered prom and wedding dresses and who know how many jeans and hunting jacket zippers I replaced while Carla patiently waited for clothing. It took me a long time to photography her. Believe it or not I took TWO photography classes and still feel flustrated taking photos. Oh well I am not a photographer but I present to you Carla Goodnews in her red shoes!

Carla Goodnews wears her pretty red shoes and she is an Izannah Walker inspired doll.

Carla is a OOAK cloth doll with a paper clay head that was painted in watercolor painted as well as her lower arms, lower legs and buttoned red strap shoes.

She has painted corkscrew curls in front of each exposed ear and short curls framing the back of the head, and bulging painted eyes and painted mouth with hint of a smile.

Carla wears an vintage style off-the-shoulder blue printed cotton dress, cotton batiste under garments, and crocheted bonnet.

She has a gusset weighted bottom so she will sit nicely on a chair or wall shelf without a doll stand.

She has a body covering made from cotton ticking.

I am thrilled to offer this wonderful hand crafted doll who needs a loving home.

She will be a wonderful addition to any primitive doll collection
25 inch tall.



  1. Carla is truly beautiful. I love all of your dolls, Alice.

  2. I checked you out after you posted on my blog. your dolls are wonderful. I love Integrity. She has the expression a Mother would give a child that is not being truthful. "Are you sure that is how it happened?" Would you mid if I added you to my suggested reading list on my blog?