Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Farewell Mom

My mother passed away Sept 26, 2013. She was the last child of 21 children. Mom lost her battle with Dementia. She was a very strong lady. It is very bittersweet in a sense. I am relieved she is not suffering. She is at peace now. Mom was so confused for many years that she really was not herself. I had been grieving for 3 years because I was not able to share dollmaking or sewing with my mother.  I knew in my heart she would never be the same or act the way she use to act. I had a very creative mother. Mom was very sweet ...with a  fun loving personality that always lite up a room. Mom loved to sew. She taught me how to sew when I was 12.  Sewing has blessed my life for 46 years. She lived for 94 years so what a precious gift that I was given my God.  Rest in peace my dear mother....I love you!
Mom at 92

My mother Mildred this photo mom was 89

Mom 86 and I am 50

I am 18..... Mom is 54


  1. I am very sorry you have lost your Mother. It is a heartbreak we must all go through, but I know how you must miss her. You are in our thoughts and hearts and may God comfort you as only he can.

  2. My mother passed away on the 18th of Sept. I share in your sadness.

  3. My condolences to you and your family. Your Mother sounds like an awesome person, I would have loved to have known her. My Mother also taught me how to sew as a child, and for me those are precious forever moments. God bless.

  4. How sad to have lost her but how wonderful for you to have such a wonderful mother and to have shared such a big part of a long happy life. Hugs to you.

  5. She was blessed with a long life, Im sure you miss her nonetheless. My mom passed away in 2012 and she was only 59. It's been devistating :(

  6. God Bless her and always remember that she will continue to live within the hearts and minds of those she touched… I am sorry for your loss because regardless of age it leaves a void.. She looks like she was a wonderful person...