Friday, November 14, 2014

Great art & doll show in NYC

Thank God the show in NYC was Fabulous! I learned so much and shared a great weekend with other talented artists.
Me at upper center. 
These are the wonderful artists who shared the Harlem Aesthetic weekend at

My cloth and wooden display

OOAK Cloth dolls made of silk.

A cloth and wooden doll the created for the show.
A cotton print was used to make the dresses.

Me and Tanya Montegut one of her cloth dolls. 
I meet Tanya in Detroit at 2014 Detroit Doll Show and we admire each other dolls. 

All dollmakers need a doll collector like Phoebe. 
Phoebe loves dolls. 
Her mom didn't get her any dolls when she was growing
 because of the lack of black dolls so now Phoebe has many dolls to love.
 She purchased not one but three one of a kind cloth doll from me. 
Thanks you Phoebe! God is blessing Phoebe with dolls to love! 

Phoebe admiring her doll! 

Me with Paula Whaley(left) and Francie Haskins...both super talented and soulful doll artists.

All the dolls that didnt sell will be posted on my Etsy shop.

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