Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Show and Convention

Well I had a table at my first professional doll show on Philadelphia, PA last weekend. I was not prepared for all the activities... Classes, lectures, gallery shows and  show & sale on the last day of events. I was overwhelmed with the talent of over 100 doll and teddy bear artists. It was just amazing to say the least! Hey I made a few sales which tickled me to death. Made a lot of new friends and brought back the sweetest blue fur Teddy Bear by artist Darlene Allen of Raspberry Bears.
                       Darlene Allen of Raspberry Bears with her wonderful bears & animals. 

        Selfie of  Me and my new bear Blueberry

My display table at show! I sold the little boy doll in the front. Forgot to take photo of buyer with doll! Dang! An Asian man who really loved the doll ....Darn oh well I am so glad he got a great home!
                  Alice Swann's wooden dolls
                             Ankie Daanen 
                          Diane Keeler
                    Mark A Dennis
                      Lillian Alberti
                         Gloria Davis
           Valarie Moyer purchased Gloria's doll
                  Adriana Esqueda

                       Wilma and her new acquired Teddy Bears
                   Wanda I meet her at the airport waiting for the Clarion Hotel Shuttle
        The Bear Lady with her travel bear they have been around the world so many places
        I can't remember! 
                        Gloria and Joyce having a great time at the show
                         Ladies from the Mount Vernon Doll Club in NYC
                                   Colleen with her Willie Nelson doll
                                              Dian with her artist bear
                                 Adriana with her table of wonderful dolls

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