Thursday, October 4, 2012

First Carved Wooden

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This is my first carved doll Elmire.  She went through  numerous of changes to get her to the finished stage. So many time I was tempted to throw her away but I kept on carving her. I know I did her two sets of hands. She turn out to be a great doll. The pictures don't do her justice. She looks so much better in person.

Since I love 18th century fashion. . . . I  used vintage linens for her clothing and hand spun wool yard for her hair. Oh and her hat is so adorable!!! Dont you just love it!

I like how pretty her face turned out after the wax rub. It gave her a patina.

Making shoes for a wood doll
came out pretty good! Practice make prefects as they say! 

She wears a ruby ring on her hand. . .
I even made her a pocket.


  1. Oh Goodness I love her bustier!!!!!!!...And her beautiful golden ruby ring!!!!! She is spicey!!!!!!! : D Love her!!!!!!!!!!!