Saturday, September 8, 2012

Miss Sweetness Sunshine is done

Look a OOAK doll named Sweetness! She is a doll inspired by the Queen Anne dolls.  Her head is sculpted for air drying paper clay that has been covered in stockinette and painted with alkyd oils. The head is attached to a wooden body. Her legs are cloth with wood beads for knees . . . she sits nicely in a chair so she can show off the red bottom of her pointed-toed boots. She wears an angel necklace and a corset that laces down the back. Sweetness is dressed in red, white and blue. Her dress is silk with a vintage cotton lace slip. She has carved basswood hands. She is so sweet. Her hair is a navy yarn called wool lashes. It is so soft and curly. Sweetness has a gentle smile with downcast glass eyes that express her shyness. She is sure to add beauty to any doll collection. 


I love the wool lashes for hair and her sweet expression is priceless!


I am so proud of the hands .....they turned out so nice.
Sweetness is for sale on my etsy site.


  1. Gorgeous work!!!

  2. I have looked all over your blog and I can't find a link to your etsy site. Can you please provide one?